Who are Liquid Realms?

We are a company from Southern California that is interested and involved with the Pokémon community, We value everything about the Pokémon Trading Card Game and we want to make it enjoyable for you, We sell the codes at the best prices around (price match guaranteed*)

How do I receive my codes when I buy them?

Your codes should be sent right after your purchase on the Thank You page, if you have a problem seeing your codes you can refresh the Thank You page or you you can check your email!

Do these codes work outside of the USA?

Yes all codes work in any country! If you are worried about comparability of your codes feel free to reach out to us

I found the codes cheaper somewhere else?

Here at Liquid Realms we want to make sure you have the best prices available! We price match with any competitor that sells codes.

Do you have discounts?

Yes most of the time we offer discount codes or sales, checkout our Instagram or Facebook page for more information about our discounts

I received a used code what do I do?

We always try to make sure we add the codes into our system with quality, sadly we are human and we make mistakes to and enter a code twice or something within Pokemon's servers isn't going well, but not to worry any codes that don't work we can offer a refund or offer you the most recent codes for free (PROOF MUST BE PRESENT)

Any other questions you can email us at liquidrealmgames@gmail.com or use our live chat feature!