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Hidden Fates
No. Card name Type Rarity
1/68 Caterpie Grass Common
2/68 Metapod Grass Uncommon
3/68 Butterfree Grass Rare
4/68 Paras Grass Common
5/68 Scyther Grass Uncommon
6/68 PinsirGX Grass Ultra-Rare Rare
7/68 Charmander Fire Common
8/68 Charmeleon Fire Uncommon
9/68 CharizardGX Fire Ultra-Rare Rare
10/68 Magmar Fire Uncommon
11/68 Psyduck Water Common
12/68 Slowpoke Water Common
13/68 Staryu Water Common
14/68 StarmieGX Water Ultra-Rare Rare
15/68 Magikarp Water Common
16/68 GyaradosGX Water Ultra-Rare Rare
17/68 Lapras Water Rare
18/68 Vaporeon Water Rare Holo
19/68 Pikachu Lightning Common
20/68 RaichuGX Lightning Ultra-Rare Rare
21/68 Voltorb Lightning Common
22/68 Electrode Lightning Rare
23/68 Jolteon Lightning Rare
24/68 Zapdos Lightning Rare Holo
25/68 Ekans Psychic Common
26/68 Ekans Psychic Common
27/68 Arbok Psychic Rare
28/68 Koffing Psychic Common
29/68 Weezing Psychic Rare
30/68 Jynx Psychic Uncommon
31/68 MewtwoGX Psychic Ultra-Rare Rare
32/68 Mew Psychic Rare
33/68 Geodude Fighting Common
34/68 Graveler Fighting Uncommon
35/68 Golem Fighting Rare
36/68 OnixGX Fighting Ultra-Rare Rare
37/68 Cubone Fighting Common
38/68 Clefairy Fairy Common
39/68 Clefairy Fairy Common
40/68 Clefable Fairy Rare
41/68 Jigglypuff Fairy Common
42/68 WigglytuffGX Fairy Ultra-Rare Rare
43/68 Mr. Mime Fairy Rare
44/68 Moltres & Zapdos & ArticunoTag Team GX Colorless Ultra-Rare Rare
45/68 Farfetch'd Colorless Uncommon
46/68 Chansey Colorless Uncommon
47/68 Kangaskhan Colorless Rare
48/68 Eevee Colorless Rare Holo
49/68 Eevee Colorless Common
50/68 Snorlax Colorless Rare
51/68 Bill's Analysis Su Rare
52/68 Blaine's Last Stand Su Rare
53/68 Brock's Grit Su Uncommon
54/68 Brock's Pewter City Gym St Uncommon
55/68 Brock's Training Su Rare Holo
56/68 Erika's Hospitality Su Rare
57/68 Giovanni's Exile Su Uncommon
58/68 Jessie & James Su Rare Holo
59/68 Koga's Trap Su Uncommon
60/68 Lt. Surge's Strategy Su Uncommon
61/68 Misty's Cerulean City Gym St Uncommon
62/68 Misty's Determination Su Uncommon
63/68 Misty's Water Command Su Rare Holo
64/68 Pokémon Center Lady Su Uncommon
65/68 Sabrina's Suggestion Su Uncommon
66/68 Moltres & Zapdos & ArticunoTag Team GX Colorless Rare Ultra
67/68 Giovanni's Exile Su Rare Ultra
68/68 Jessie & James Su Rare Ultra
69/68 Moltres & Zapdos & ArticunoTag Team GX Colorless Rare Secret
Shiny Vault
No. Card name Type Rarity
SV1/SV94 Scyther Grass ShinyRare
SV2/SV94 Rowlet Grass ShinyRare
SV3/SV94 Dartrix Grass ShinyRare
SV4/SV94 Wimpod Grass ShinyRare
SV5/SV94 Pheromosa Grass ShinyRare
SV6/SV94 Charmander Fire ShinyRare
SV7/SV94 Charmeleon Fire ShinyRare
SV8/SV94 Alolan Vulpix Water ShinyRare
SV9/SV94 Wooper Water ShinyRare
SV10/SV94 Quagsire Water ShinyRare
SV11/SV94 Froakie Water ShinyRare
SV12/SV94 Frogadier Water ShinyRare
SV13/SV94 Voltorb Lightning ShinyRare
SV14/SV94 Xurkitree Lightning ShinyRare
SV15/SV94 Seviper Psychic ShinyRare
SV16/SV94 Shuppet Psychic ShinyRare
SV17/SV94 Inkay Psychic ShinyRare
SV18/SV94 Malamar Psychic ShinyRare
SV19/SV94 Poipole Psychic ShinyRare
SV20/SV94 Sudowoodo Fighting ShinyRare
SV21/SV94 Riolu Fighting ShinyRare
SV22/SV94 Lucario Fighting ShinyRare
SV23/SV94 Rockruff Fighting ShinyRare
SV24/SV94 Buzzwole Fighting ShinyRare
SV25/SV94 Zorua Darkness ShinyRare
SV26/SV94 Guzzlord Darkness ShinyRare
SV27/SV94 Magnemite Metal ShinyRare
SV28/SV94 Magneton Metal ShinyRare
SV29/SV94 Magnezone Metal ShinyRare
SV30/SV94 Beldum Metal ShinyRare
SV31/SV94 Metang Metal ShinyRare
SV32/SV94 Celesteela Metal ShinyRare
SV33/SV94 Kartana Metal ShinyRare
SV34/SV94 Ralts Fairy ShinyRare
SV35/SV94 Kirlia Fairy ShinyRare
SV36/SV94 Diancie Fairy ShinyRare
SV37/SV94 Altaria Dragon ShinyRare
SV38/SV94 Gible Dragon ShinyRare
SV39/SV94 Gabite Dragon ShinyRare
SV40/SV94 Garchomp Dragon ShinyRare
SV41/SV94 Eevee Colorless ShinyRare
SV42/SV94 Swablu Colorless ShinyRare
SV43/SV94 Noibat Colorless ShinyRare
SV44/SV94 Oranguru Colorless ShinyRare
SV45/SV94 Type: Null Colorless ShinyRare
SV46/SV94 LeafeonGX Grass Rare Ultra
SV47/SV94 DecidueyeGX Grass Rare Ultra
SV48/SV94 GolisopodGX Grass Rare Ultra
SV49/SV94 CharizardGX Fire Rare Ultra
SV50/SV94 Ho-OhGX Fire Rare Ultra
SV51/SV94 ReshiramGX Fire Rare Ultra
SV52/SV94 TurtonatorGX Fire Rare Ultra
SV53/SV94 Alolan NinetalesGX Water Rare Ultra
SV54/SV94 ArticunoGX Water Rare Ultra
SV55/SV94 GlaceonGX Water Rare Ultra
SV56/SV94 GreninjaGX Water Rare Ultra
SV57/SV94 ElectrodeGX Lightning Rare Ultra
SV58/SV94 XurkitreeGX Lightning Rare Ultra
SV59/SV94 MewtwoGX Psychic Rare Ultra
SV60/SV94 EspeonGX Psychic Rare Ultra
SV61/SV94 BanetteGX Psychic Rare Ultra
SV62/SV94 NihilegoGX Psychic Rare Ultra
SV63/SV94 NaganadelGX Psychic Rare Ultra
SV64/SV94 LucarioGX Fighting Rare Ultra
SV65/SV94 ZygardeGX Fighting Rare Ultra
SV66/SV94 LycanrocGX Fighting Rare Ultra
SV67/SV94 LycanrocGX Fighting Rare Ultra
SV68/SV94 BuzzwoleGX Fighting Rare Ultra
SV69/SV94 UmbreonGX Darkness Rare Ultra
SV70/SV94 DarkraiGX Darkness Rare Ultra
SV71/SV94 GuzzlordGX Darkness Rare Ultra
SV72/SV94 ScizorGX Metal Rare Ultra
SV73/SV94 KartanaGX Metal Rare Ultra
SV74/SV94 StakatakaGX Metal Rare Ultra
SV75/SV94 GardevoirGX Fairy Rare Ultra
SV76/SV94 SylveonGX Fairy Rare Ultra
SV77/SV94 AltariaGX Dragon Rare Ultra
SV78/SV94 NoivernGX Dragon Rare Ultra
SV79/SV94 SilvallyGX Colorless Rare Ultra
SV80/SV94 DrampaGX Colorless Rare Ultra
SV81/SV94 Aether Foundation Employee Su Rare Ultra
SV82/SV94 Cynthia Su Rare Ultra
SV83/SV94 Fisherman Su Rare Ultra
SV84/SV94 Guzma Su Rare Ultra
SV85/SV94 Hiker Su Rare Ultra
SV86/SV94 Lady Su Rare Ultra
SV87/SV94 Aether Paradise Conservation Area St Rare Secret
SV88/SV94 Brooklet Hill St Rare Secret
SV89/SV94 Mt. Coronet St Rare Secret
SV90/SV94 Shrine of Punishment St Rare Secret
SV91/SV94 Tapu BuluGX Grass Rare Secret
SV92/SV94 Tapu FiniGX Water Rare Secret
SV93/SV94 Tapu KokoGX Lightning Rare Secret
SV94/SV94 Tapu LeleGX Psychic Rare Secret


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